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Our Final Season has now ended!

What a great 15 years it has been!

Heart-felt thanks to all who graced our table and parlour.

Revised September 19, 2016

You are now about to enter the Home of what used to be

Country Supper Storytelling Concerts

Unique-in-the-World Experiences of

Hospitality and Storytelling Art

Their 15-Year Run ended on September 17, 2016.

Since then

Voyageur Storytelling is not what it was.

Watch this site to find out what it will be!

What Country Supper Storytelling Concerts Were and How They Worked
What You Could Hear

in the Final 15th

2016 Season

When You Could Hear It:

The Schedule as it stood at the end of the Season

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2016 Gala-Finale

Our sortie into the breach has been made, dear friends; We have imitated the action of a tiger as best we could. We have stiffened our sinews and summoned up the blood for one last go, and what a go it was. Once more, for the fifteenth time, we have been blessed with the company of friends, old and new, whom we have had the pleasure and honour of feeding and entertaining as we have for so many years. Our gratitude to them is huge and heart-felt.

This was our last season because we are getting too old to keep up the pace. That's a difficult reality for us, but there it is.

Unlike the dishes from the final evening, however, we are not by any means washed up, We shall return, in some different form, perhaps even accompanied by food.

Our 2016 Concert:

Swan Song

For our final season we used a new method to plan each evening's concert, whereby our guests chose most of the pieces from a menu. You can find out how this worked on our 2016 Repertoire page. Click on the button above to get there.

Last year we received support from the Ontario Arts Council for our Stephen Leacock project, which included our "A Pocketful of Mariposies" concert. We remain grateful. The Stephen Leacock project continues in other media, primarily print and blog. See .

We call ourselves "storytellers" because we tell stories. That is not all we do, and are, however. The full form would be: We are creators and performers of fine musico-literary vocal art entertainments with a strong narrative bent, for the hearing of which we prepare our audiences with hearty, convivial country dining.

Your Hosts: Chef-Storytellers

Leslie Robbins-Conway and Paul Conway

The face on the wall was created by Marnie Cheyne. We think Scott Parent took the picture.

Click on either picture below to find out more about them


After starting as a kindergarten teacher ...

and years as a Storyteller and Producer ...

her warm and unique presence lights up ...


After starting as an econometrician ...

through careers of becoming diversity ...

way led twistingly on to way to reach ...

the Voyageur Experience

The Voyageur Experience is about to change, and this whole web site with it. What we stand for artistically, however, will not change.

What will Leslie do next?

Some knitting and quilting no doubt. Some grandmothering beyond question. The long-awaited Voyageur Storytelling cookbook perhaps. And she will certainly tell some stories, sometimes, somewheres.

What will Paul do next? Projects!

Writing, composing, publishing.

Building, maintaining, repairing.

Making trails, walking them, observing.

Keeping up his personal web site and blogs:,


Stay tuned!

The background image you will see frequently on this site is borrowed from Barnett Newman's Voice of Fire

now in the National Gallery, Ottawa. We like it because we are in the voice business, where fire is good.

So much for the basic, essential information.

From here on it's all about sauntering.

We Invite You to Unroll the Scroll to Discover:

What's a Story, in our storytelling world?

A story is a story, or a song, or a poem, or a passage, or a collage, or an anecdote, or a quick flip of words, but always itself, speaking to your self.
A concert is a bundle of stories, and its own story.
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

People have been asking for our recipes.

The best have been posted on our web site for some time now,

but are not all that easy to find on this somwhat confusing page.

For easy finding, push this button:

Six Openings to Voyageur Storytelling

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Storytelling Art in Performance

Two Storytellers: Leslie and Paul

Country Supper Storytelling Concerts (and Recipes!)

House Concerts and Other Events

Our 2016 Concerts are now available in our Repertoire section, next below.
Storytelling Art in Repertoire

This Year's Concert Repertoire

Past Years

The Art of Repertoire

This section is now complete from the beginning to 2016.
Storytelling Art in Print and Other Media


Prose, Poetry, Plays, Webscripts, Artifacts

This Web Site!

Much work will be done here in 2016 and 2017.
Canadian Storytelling Exposé

Ideas and Controversies

Tellers and Groups

Festivals and Events

Data are current for Spring 2012 with a few more recent additions; we will up-date in 2014.
Paul's Political Pages

A Storyteller's Political Manifesto

Integrating the Mindscape

Building on Events

These pages will disappear into Paul's blog.
The Voyageur Landscape on Bruce Peninsula

One Hundred Acres: Landscape and Wordscape

Waulfing on the Waulf Course, Links and Labyrinths

A Storyteller's Geography: Sense of Place

These pages will disappear into Paul's web site.

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The banners above are made from illustrations in

Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management, c.1910 Edition

And a Matrix of Recapitulation

We invented Country Supper Storytelling Concerts, and perform them each summer in our home on Bruce Peninsula;
We enjoy good company and conversation, essential to the Voyageur Storytelling Experience, as we hope this web site amply demonstrates ...
We have done other things, and still know how to do them, when we get the chance ...
Our Repertoire consists of both stories (broadly defined) and storytelling concerts, and we like to talk about our work, not only to tell stories, but to theorize about them, and particularly about Canadian Storytelling as a genre in its own right ...
We perform other forms of storytelling concert when invited, or when opportunity arises ...
We live on 100 acres of productive (at least for walking and talking) land on Bruce Peninsula, of which we try to be good stewards ...
We live with a dog and a cat (an old dog and a very old cat) of whom we take pictures and about whom we occasionally write ...
Leslie teaches Hebrew and Jewish Life and helps to lead services at Beth Ezekiel Synagogue in Owen Sound, and pursues her life-long interest in Jewish stories, culture, and values ...
Paul has agreed to coordinate the next steps for the House Concert Network of Storytellers of Canada, a project that will take three years ...
Leslie volunteers with the Canadian Cancer Society ...
We are politically active, but not as much as before: Leslie is taking a break, and Paul, who refuses to join any party (finding both merit and flaws in all of them) by personal political agitation ...

We are no longer young, not yet old. We are reasonably healthy for our years, although a bit creaky here and there. We have children and grandchildren in distant and not-so-distant places. We have a widely scattered extended family. We live in a beautiful place. We have good neighbours, and many friends. For many years we had a truly excellent dog, named Crab, and a geriatric cat, both sadly now departed. We now have a dog named Lady, a rescue. We have enough to get by. We keep busy in interesting ways. Life is good.

Thank you for your interest.

We hope you enjoy exploring our site.


Leslie and Paul

Your Hosts: Leslie Robbins-Conway and Paul Conway

56 Brinkman's Road, R.R. 1

Miller Lake , Ontario N0H 1Z0 Canada

Tel: (519) 795-7477


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