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Canadian Storytellers is one of a set of pages concerning Canadian Storytelling and Storytellers, the others being:

Profile of Canadian Storytelling (page)

Canadian Storytelling Ideas (page)

Canadian Storytelling Groups (page)

Canadian Storytelling Festivals (page)

To this date we have identified some 390 Canadian storytellers who have left some footprint, initiated by themselves, on the internet. We call these the Conspicuous Storytellers. Of these, some 126 have web sites, and thus may be said to be most actively promoting their work. Most of this page is taken up with a list of the web-site tellers, organized by province and loosely grouped within, with links. These are the storytellers who are striving most energetically to be noticed, and thus to advance the cause of Canadian Storytelling. Others may be striving too, but less energetically.

Most of the others appear on one or more of the major directories (see list and links at the bottom of this page). To find a label for this kind of promotion is difficult. It can hardly be described as "active" the way creation and maintenance of a web site are active, but it's not wholly passive either. "Middling" might be appropriate. We have not yet listed them, leaving that job to their respective directories. In time we may relent on that restriction, to admit storytellers without web sites whose marketing approach or artistic verve we consider particularly worthy of notice.

Important Notes:

(1) At this stage of development only some links are live. We are animating them as they prove valid by actual test, which we undertake in no particular order. This whole process is proving very slow, partly for the reason set out in the next note. It is probable that most of the unlinked web sites work, however, as we often checked as we compiled the data.

(2) Tellers, we are trying to e-mail each of you as we animate your link, using the contact information on your web site. For those of you who use contact forms instead of simply posting your e-mail address, this is proving to be an even slower process than usual. From now (mid-March) on, therefore, we will by-pass all contact forms and simply animate the link to your site without letting you know. We hope you find out by other means.

(3) This list is undoubtedly incomplete. It is based on the directories and sources we have discovered so far. Please send us an e-mail if we have missed your site, or if you know of others we should include.

Notable Web Sites of Canadian Storytellers

As we work our way down the list, we will draw attention to those (other than our own) that we find particularly interesting. We will list them here.

Listing the Web Sites of Canadian Storytellers

Anita Best,
Norris Point,

Dale Jarvis, St. John's,

Sharon King-Campbell, St. John's,

Andy Jones, St. John's,

Prince Edward Island
David Weale, Charlottetown,

Nova Scotia
Elinor Benjamin, Halifax, (site temporarily down)

New Brunswick
Peter D. Clark, Durham Bridge,

Joan Meade, Fredericton,


Guillaume Beaulieu, Abitibi,

Louise Magnan, Abitibi,

Jean Chatillon, Bécancour,

Jacques S. Bourgeois, Laurentides,

Danielle Brabant, Le Bic,

Guy Perreault,Gatineau,

Jean-Marc Chatel, Laval,

Marie-Célie Agnant, Montréal,
Sylvi Belleau, Montréal,
Stéphanie Bénetéau, Montréal,

Angèle, Delaunois, Montréal,
Élisabeth Desjardins, Montréal,
Isabel Dos Santos, Montréal,
Andrée Dufort, Montréal,
Myriame El Yamani, Montréal,

Marc Laberge, Montréal,
Hélène Lasnier, Montréal,
André Lemelin, Montréal,
François-Xavier Liagre, Montréal,

Jean-Marc Massie, Montréal,
Éric Michaud (Ubert Sanspré), Montréal,
Jacques Pasquet, Montréal,
Judith Poirier, Montréal,

Pierre Renaud, Montréal,
Hamidou Savadogo, Montréal,
Franck Sylvestre, Montréal,
Julie Turconi, Montréal,
Nadine Walsh, Montréal,

Françoise Crête, Verchères(Montréal),

Nicole O'bomsawin, Odonak,
Wahmed Ben Younès, Québec,
Jocelyn Bérubé, Saint-Nil, Gaspésie,
Nicole Filiatrault, Greenfield Park,

Éric Gauthier, Sherbrooke,
Petronella Van Dijk, Sherbrooke,

Diane-Marie Racicot Sorel-Tracy, Montérégie,
Denise Markhame, Val des Monts,
Mélanie St-Cyr, Val-Barette, Laurentide,

Robert Seven-Crows, Mont-Laurier,

Mary-Eileen McClear, Baden,
Brenda Byers, Burlington,

Pauline Grondin, Burlington,
Glenna Janzen, Cambridge,
Carol Leigh Wehking, Cambridge,
Pamela Wagner, Hamilton,
Susan Getchell, London,

Bruce Carmody, Newmarket,

B.J. McCabe, Utopia,
Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, Cape Croker,
Leslie Robbins-Conway, Northern Bruce Peninsula,
Paul Conway, Northern Bruce Peninsula,

Jan Andrews, 2 Women Productions, Lanark,
Jennifer Cayley, 2 Women Productions, Ottawa,
Kim Kilpatrick, Ottawa,
Marta Singh, Ottawa,
Ruth Ann Stewart-Verger, Ottawa,
Danièle Valée, Ottawa,
Laurent Glaude, Plantagenet,

Deborah Dunleavy, Brockville,

Jeanette Arsenault, Belleville,

Dianne Chandler, Port Perry,

Heather Whaley, Whitby,

Brian Hetherington, Toronto,
Sally Jaeger, Toronto,
Howard Kaplan, Toronto,
Kim Michele, Toronto,
Nathalie Vachon, Toronto,
Noriko Yamamoto, Toronto,
Dan Yashinsky, Toronto,

Bernice Gei-ying Hune, Toronto,

Charly Chiarelli, Toronto,

Aubrey Davis, Toronto,

Anna Kerz, Toronto,

Rodney Brown, Thunder Bay,

Richard Wagamese, Wabaseemoong First Nation,

Boniface Bahi, Winnipeg,
Christine Brandt, Winnipeg,
Mary Louise Chown, Winnipeg,

Wayne Drury, Winnipeg,
Sandra Krahn, Winnipeg,
Kay Stone, Winnipeg,

Linda Mikolayenko, Air Ronge,
Joan Eyolfson, Cadham, Foam Lake,

Kevin MacKenzie, Regina,

Ken Mitchell, Regina,
Norman G. Walker, Regina,

Vincent Murphy, Regina,

Jerry Haigh, Saskatoon,

Chris Lindgren, Saskatoon,
Paddy Tutty, Saskatoon,

Lawrence Chrismas, Calgary,
Karen Gummo, Calgary,
Mary Hays, Olds,

Renée Englot, Edmonton,
Kathy Jessup, Edmonton,

Mary Ann Lippiatt, New Sarepta,

British Columbia
Allice Bernards, Bowen Island,
Laura Thomas, Delta,
Jean Pierre Makosso, Gibbons,
Alain Boileau, Kelowna:

The Legend Factory
La Fabrique à Légendes
Roberta Kennedy, Masset,
Rick Scott, Nanaimo,

Gabriel Newman, Verson,

Robert Stelmach (Max Tell), White Rock,

Abegael Fisher-Lang, North Vancouver,
Mary Gavan, Vancouver,

Melanie Ray, Vancouver,

Naomi Steinberg, Vancouver,
Kira Van Deusen, Vancouver,

Ivan E. Coyote, North Vancouver,

Norma Elizabeth Cameron, The Narrative Company, Victoria,

Albert Fowler, Victoria,
Anne Glover, Victoria,
Jim Leard, Victoria,
Shoshana Litman, Victoria,
Margo McLoughlin, Victoria,
Cathleen Thom, Victoria,
Deidre A. Hill, Victoria ,

Yukon Territory
Celia McBride, Whitehorse,

Northwest Territories
Jim, Green Fort Smith,

Moira Cameron, Yellowknife,

Dawn Lacey, Yellowknife,

Ben Nind, Yellowknife,

Canadian, Provincial and Regional Directories of Storytellers

Storytellers of Canada~Conteurs du Canada,

Le Regroupement du Conte au Québec,

Ontario Storytelling Directory,

Manitoba Storytelling Guild,

T.A.L.E.S. Alberta,

Ottawa Storytellers,

Victoria Storytellers Guild,

Maison Internationale du Conte,

As of the current up-date this site is a mystery. In March of 2012 it was alive, yielding a fine list of Canadian storytellers, many of whom did not appear on any other lists. In October it no longer responds. The tellers remain on our list, pending further checking. We will try to find out what happened to this splendid storytelling initiative.

Thank you for visiting this page. It will improve in the weeks and months ahead.

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