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Revised May 18, 2016

Our 2016 Concert

For our 15th and last Summer Season we will feature one concert, called Swan Song. We will present it in our now habitual schedule of Country Supper Storytelling Concerts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings from mid-June to mid-September.

The organization of this concert will stray a little from our customary path. We will begin and end with pieces we have chosen. In between we will invite those who make the reservations to choose, from a menu, what they and their friends would like to hear.

Details are presented below.

For image credit, see below.

Swan Song

Note: where no author or composer is shown, the material is our own.


Preparation, by P.K. Page

Storytelling Concert

Loomings, by Herman Melville, told by Paul

Balloon Barrage, a Personal Story, told by Leslie

The Fire-Fly's Advice to the Artist, music by Mozart,

sung by Leslie and Paul

From the Menu (audience choices*)

Kubla Khan, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge,

set to music by Paul and sung by both of us.


More from the Menu (audience choices*)

Finale Set

Tumble Down, performed by Leslie

Accused by a Spotted Hawk!, by Walt Whitman,

performed by Paul

The Road Less Travelled, by Robert Frost,

performed by Leslie

A Real Slow Walk, music by Scott Joplin,

performed by both of us

Strings of Parting Words

Home on the Bruce, performed by everybody

* Each "from the menu" segment will consist of 3 to 6 pieces, depending on length

Our 2016 Menu

Choices for our guests. One piece per person in your party.

Performed by Leslie and Paul
Performed by Leslie
Performed by Paul
The Abduction from the Cooking Pot, or Three Little Pigs: the Opera, music by W.A. Mozart (15 minutes) Cinderella of the Snows (9 mins) The Ballad of Angus Ogilvie, Pioneer of Puslinch (6 mins)
Creation Song, First Day (8 mins) Coat Tale (5 mins) Bear Goes to Bat (15 mins)
Fawn Attack, music by Mozart (3 mins) The Dying Rabbi (4 mins) The Country North of Belleville, by Al Purdy (3 mins)
How Fire Came (20 mins) Great Aunt Rebecca, by Elizabeth Brewster (4 mins) Enoch Lightning and the Alvar (18 mins)
Lucky the Labrador, music by Donizetti (4 mins) How I Lost My Diamond Ring (15 mins) Four Faces of Love, by Terry Thomas, Morris Bishop, Arthur Whiteside and e.e. cummings (6 mins)
The Rattlesnake, Music by Schubert (5 mins) Inversnaid, by G.M. Hopkins (3 mins) How to Talk Bear (15 mins)
When I First Came To This Land, by Oscar Brand Midsummer Voyageur, music by Jim Parker (4 mins) The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, by T.S. Eliot (8 mins)
The Wonder Fish, music by Beethoven (4 mins) My Financial Career, by Stephen Leacock (6 mins) Nobody Loses All the Time, by e.e. cummings (2 mins)
The Song My Paddle Sings, by E. Pauline Johnson (4 mins) Salute to the Cross-Canada Canoe Route, music by Sir Arthur Sullivan (4 mins)

Explanatory Note: What is "Repertoire"?

When we speak of our "repertoire" we mean two things. First, and obviously, we mean the "stories" we tell, which include prose stories of all kinds, poems, songs, and anything else we think will amuse and-or intrigue our audiences. Second, we mean the "concerts" that we create, which are shaped bundles of stories designed to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts. This section of our web site describes our entire repertoire, both stories and concerts. It is arranged by year (see linked list at the bottom of the page), beginning with the most recent.

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